Contests and Such

Contest for Angels Sing to Rest

If you can guess where the title for the second book in the Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime series came from, you’ll win a free ebook copy from either Smashwords or Amazon.

I’ll give you a little hint- Shakespeare

Here’s how you win:

* Leave the full quote, along with how you would like to be contacted, on my facebook page.

*I’ll take the names from all the correct answers, and using my old trusty mixing bowl again, I’ll stir up the entrants names and choose one from random.

* Winner will be contacted and given his/her choice of ebook format.


Subscribe to and Win the Chance to be Written into the Next Installment of the Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime Series.

What You Need to Know:

1) Enter by subscribing to my website. Easy!

2) Your name will then be written on its own  post-it note and placed in a kitchen mixing bowl with all the other entrants, where a name will be randomly chosen from said mixing bowl by my dog, Abby. No, just kidding! Abby can only read German. My daughter will blindly choose a name from the mixing bowl.

3) Winner will be written in as a small character using winner’s name. Watch my site for publishing date.

4)  You will be notified of your win by email. I will also post the name on my home page, as well as my Facebook page.

5) Contest runs from 5/30/13 to 6/13/13.  Send questions from any contact point on my site.


Best of Luck!!