Books are a vice I’ve carried with me since childhood. I consume novels as if they were gourmet chocolate truffles worthy of being savored for the delectable taste experience that they are.

With that said- I am an old school book lover, which shows my age. I love everything about the experience of reading them. I love holding them and smelling them. I love the sound they make when I turn their pages and the way they take me places and bring me back again just a bit different than I was before. And I love the fact that once I’ve read a book, its story is always a part of me.

I am a serious crime and mystery novel fan. My two favorite novelists, within this genre, are American author Martha Grimes and Scottish author Val McDermid. Grimes’ inspector Richard Jury series and McDermid’s Hill and Jordan series, I believe, set a new tone for the genre.

Just in case you were beginning to think I was a genre snob, I do read novels beyond crime and mystery. Memoirs are another of my favorite reads. I enjoy the voyeurism they allow without bordering on being illegal. First They Killed My Father is probably one of the best memoirs I’ve been given the privilege of reading and it stands as one of my favorites along side of All Souls and Moab is My Wash Pot.

My love for books and the way words can be used to express so many aspects of the human condition, inspired me to cross the line from just reader, to aspiring author of the Olivia Gates and Will Green crime series based in Dallas, Texas.

I currently live in Murphy, Texas, with my husband, our four grown children and a sweet Jug (Jack Russell/Pug) named Abby.